Fun Facts

How long is Route 6?

In the United States, it is 3652 miles from the tip of Cape Cod to Long Beach, California. In Pennsylvania, it is 427 miles long: 400 miles from the New York/ New Jersey line to the Ohio line and 27 miles of Route 6N from Mill Village to Lake Erie (this was the original terminus of US Route 6 before it completely stretched across the country).

Did you know that US Route 6 was named the Grand Army of the Republic Highway by the same group that started Memorial Day?  The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War are responsible for the legislation creating Memorial Day and for convincing 14 states to dedicate US Route 6 as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway. Governor James Duff designated Pennsylvania's portion in 1948.

Is US Route 6 known by other names?

The Grand Army of the Republic (Memorial) Highway is the present official name, however, during the late 20s and early 30s it was also known as the Roosevelt Highway, after President Theodore Roosevelt. Prior to 1926 it was called (in-part) the Midland Trail Roadway. US Route 6 Tourist Association.

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